We at Dun Laoghaire Montessori, offer a stimulating range of activities.

-        Practical Life

With these exercises the child learns to develop self esteem, independence, motor co-ordination and control of movement, spirit of helpfulness and responsibility, a sense of order to help build their concentration. Grace and courtesy encourages good manners & social skills.

-        Sensorial

The sensorial life exercises develop and refine all the senses;- listening, seeing, smelling, tasting, tactile (touch), and use these in the child’s environment daily. Cognitive skills are learnt with order and classification.

-        Language

The Montessori environment is enriched with plenty of oral language opportunities, through conversation, play and stories. Initially phonetic sounds are introduced through the Sandpaper Letters, giving the child the sound and symbol. This leads into the written language and reading skills. Insets are used to refine pencil control and help to improve writing skills. Oral language development is very important through listening, comprehension and vocabulary.

-        Maths

Through the designed method, the child will learn the smooth progression from the concrete to abstract thinking. The child always handles and sees the concrete form of the quantity and will learn the symbol so the impression is well imprinted in their mind before the child comes to work with the written or abstract form. Progressing through the various stages the child learns to count and enjoy the world of numbers.

-        Culture Activities

These are extensions of the sensorial and language activities. Children are given an awareness of other cultures and respect for different customs and traditions. They develop a clear sense of our world, continents, people and culture. They gain experience with nature and our environment that we live in.  Activities of simple science concepts are learnt in a fun, practical way. Culture activities include History, Geography, Science, Music and Art. The aim of these activities is to allow the child experience their place in the universe.